Emergency 4 - Global Fighters for Life!

All of the images above represent actual gameplay


Game Details

Operational area: The whole world.
Head of operations: You.
Co-ordinate fire brigade, police, emergency medical services and technical crew!
You bear responsibility for life and dead!

  • Realistic, unique mix of simulation and real-time strategy.
  • 45 emergency forces and vehicles with new units like scout, recovery helicopter and transporter planes.
  • Dynamic and realistic fire breakouts.
  • Realistic physical conditions: collapsing buildings and bridges, people hit by blast waves.
  • Detailed 3D-graphics with complex effects, for instance: water reflections, glow effects and many different new effects, as well as changes in time and weather.
  • Scenario Editor: Create your own units, maps and missions.


  • Campaign with 20 extensive missions, everyone with various solutions!
  • The missions are linked through operations in a "real-life" town!
  • Spectacular overseas operations in the Antarctic and the Middle East!
  • Improved intuitive player interface with simplified controls!
  • Multiplay co-operation mode for 2 – 4 players: Manage together different emergencies in a huge, totally new operational area!
  • Greatly extended endless game and challenge mode in completely new surroundings!

Platform: PC DVD
Genre: Beat'em Up
Number of players: 1-2